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About Us

PAN INDIA CORPORATION LIMITED was incorporated on 9 feb1984 under the companies act 1956 under the name  FAIRDEAL LEASING & INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED.

The main business is to invest in ,buy, sell , transfer, hypothecate , deal in and disposes of any shares , stocks debentures, debenture stock, securities , properties of any other company including securities of any government, Local Authority , bonds and certificates.

To carry on the business of leasing , hire purchase and hire purchase financing and so acquire to provide on lease all types of industrial ,office plant, equipment, machinery, vehicles building and real estate required for manufacturing processing transportation and trading business other commercial and services business.

Our Company is managed by the team of Highly qualified Professionals.

Our  Company is currently listed at five Stock Exchanges which are BSE, Calcutta stock Exchange ,Ahemdabad Stock Exchange, Madras Stock Exchange, Delhi Stock Exchange.

Details Of Directors And Secretary Of The Company



Omprakash Pathak


Ankit Rathi


Vijay Pal Shukla

Managing Director

Harish Kumar Chauhan

Independent Director

Preeti Sharma

Independent Director

Ankita Mehrotra

Company Secretary & Compliance Officer

Suresh Pratap Singh Chief Financial Officer







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